Videos - Chapter 2: Prayer

Is witr obligatory
When do you pray your sunnah when late for fajr?
Missed a rakah and remembered straight away
Missed ruku what should you do?
Is it allowed to pray after Asr?
Reciting after the Adhan
Should we pray ankle to ankle?
What is Ishraq prayer
How to pray if you cannot do sajdah
Is iqamah obligatory if I pray at home alone?
Is jum'ah obligatory for women?
What is Istikhara?
What is tahiyyatul masjid?
What is the reward for men praying in the mosque?
What is the reward for repeating after the Adhan
What it the Tahajud prayer?
What are the Sunnah prayers?
When can i shorten my prayer if travelling
When to pray salat Ad-Duha
When to repeat after the Adhan